Making the Decision to Homeschool

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Question mark re deciding to homeschoolAre you homeschool curious? Do you think you might like to try it ‘one day’? Are you wondering if your reasons for homeschooling are weird or wrong?

Lots of folks are reluctant while they are in the decision-making process!

Families homeschool for a variety of well thought out reasons:

  1. Bullying inadequately addressed by the school system
  2. A student’s overwhelming anxiety
  3. Religious & moral convictions
  4. The high cost of private schools
  5. Learning challenges insufficiently addressed by a school system
  6. A desire for learning less focused on testing
  7. A health crisis requiring numerous therapies & medical appointments
  8. A student’s special interest requiring a flexible schedule
  9. A desire for a more flexible family schedule
  10. A desire to strengthen family bonds
  11. Truancy issues
  12. Falling grades because of poor peer influences
  13. Drug use by a student and related peer influences
  14. A teen pregnancy
  15. A suspension or expulsion

Does any of the above list describe you? Today’s free downloads are a mind map and check list. Use each to identify the  skills, strengths, and resources which will help you succeed when teaching your own kids at home.

The free mind map will help you think through the pros and cons for your family.

Homeschool Decision-Making Mind Map pdf

Mind Map for Making a Decision to Homeschool Snag your free checklist at the bottom of this article.

Most families ease into it like a reluctant child easing into the pool for the 1st time.

We take time to read about it and talk to others who are already homeschooling. We research online and in our communities. Then, we begin to stick our toe into the water to see if a shark bites off our foot.

In my 22 year journey, no one I know has lost a foot because they taught their kids at home. I’m sure you won’t either!

Some families make an abrupt decision to begin because of a family crisis.

These folks are in panic mode and feel as though they should have started yesterday. They want bare facts right now to legally withdraw a student from school while avoiding truancy issues.

They worry about the finer details (like curriculum options) once the crisis is addressed, and they are legally registered homeschoolers.

picture of homeschooled siblings playing a learning game

Other families know this is the option for them from the time they are pregnant.

They begin planning from the 1st trimester. They see learning as a family lifestyle vs. a temporary experiment in creating a school environment at home.

Embrace homeschooling when the time is right or your family. will equip you to make the best decision for your student(s) and family. We’ll be here to mentor you along the way if you choose to homeschool.

Snag the free checklist now. Use it with today’s mind map to help you think through homeschooling issues impacting your family.

Deciding to Homeschool Checklist

Like many of you, I began while in crisis mode.

One Monday night, I said I would never homeschool. Emphasis on ‘never’. The very next day, I pulled my 1st grader out and began teaching him at home. If you have not read my story, my Meet the Answer Mom page. You’ll know why my heart is for you and how I became the force behind

joined hands helping each other

Do you know another family just starting out or thinking about homeschooling? Send them a link to this site. Share it on your Facebook page or Pinterest. I’ll love you forever!

If you have a question about homeschooling, be sure and submit it using the contact form.

I’ll answer you  within 2 business days. Your questions will help populate future pages of this site.

I’ll be looking to hear from you. Don’t sweat the decision-making process. All you need to know to decide is available on these pages and the ones to come.

I’m leaving the light on for you. Be sure and come back again soon.

Kindest regards,
Carol Anne Swett
the Homeschool Answer Mom





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