How Do I Plan My Homeschool Kindergarten?

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Homeschool mom who needs to plan K5 programAre you wondering how to plan a homeschool kindergarten program for your child? Newer homeschool moms often make the task of homeschooling harder than it needs to be.

We fret over which homeschool kindergarten program is best. We worry about doing it wrong, failing our kids, and falling behind.

We jam as much as possible into our child’s day to combat those fears. Before we know it, we are exhausted and fretful about school. Our kids are even more so.

W are left wondering how we got that way!

Let’s examine a K5 homeschool day and ease some new-to-homeschool stress!

What is My Primary Goal in K5 Homeschooling?

Your primary goal should be fostering excitement and curiosity about learning. By doing so, you will create a life-long learner!

How Many Days and How Much Time?

Most states require 180 days of academic instruction. Even if your state doesn’t have a policy, aiming for 180 days is a good idea. If you move during the school year and the new state requires 180 days, you will not be in a panic.

New homeschoolers often base a K5 homeschool day on a traditional 6-hour school day. You chose homeschooling to have a different approach to learning.

The difference actually begins with time spent focusing on academics. Very little of the traditional K5 school day involves intense academic instruction.

Picture of child who needs homeschool K5 program

How much time do kids stand or walk in line? How much time is spent switching from one activity to another, going to the bathroom, and moving to lunch or the library?

Factor in lunch, recess and rest times, behavior issues, and prepping to leave at the end of the day.

If you ask the average K5 teacher, you will find pure instructional time takes only 45-90 minutes a day.

Before you exhaust yourself or child with hours of printables and workbooks, remember these facts.

What K5 subjects must I include each day?

Did you read 10 Questions to Ask Before you Begin Homeschooling and fill out the free worksheets provided? If so, you know your required K5 subjects. The law does not say each subject must be taught each school day.

You may choose to teach science the 1st half of the year and social studies the 2nd half. Perhaps you’ll do language arts and math on M, W, and F. Maybe you will include science and activities like art or PE on a Tu-Th schedule.

Some families choose one day a week for special activities like field trips, co-op, or park days. Academic activities fall on the other 4 days. Others do errands, appointments, and outside activities one day and school the other four.

The Basics of a Well-Rounded K-5 Program

  • Language Arts: basic handwriting, fine motor skills, and composition
    (ie recognize punctuation marks, dictate stories for you to write down)
  • Reading: phonics/sight word instruction; read to your child; story time at the library or book store
  • Math: beginning number skills (counting, sorting, recognizing numbers, matching numbers to same groups of objects, pattern recognition, simple addition and subtraction using toys, etc.)
  • Science: Use non-fiction books and videos. You’ll find books about the human body, dinosaurs, planets, bugs, seasons, etc. Use videos like Magic School Bus. Look for YouTube videos. Check out ones made by homeschooled kids like Zachary in Life’s Wild Adventures .  
  • Social studies: Your children’s librarian knows about books covering community helpers, countries of the world, important people in history, fire safety, and Indians. Search K5 homeschool social studies on Pinterest for other great resources. Have you followed me on Pinterest? Start today.

Alphabet re Homeschooling K5

Record routine activities as homeschool learning.

  • PE (playing at the park, participating in sports, etc.)
  • art lessons
  • dance lessons
  • making cookies w/ grandma (science, math, following directions)
  • Lego and Minecraft clubs,
  • computer games with an educational focus
  • helping with chores by sorting socks or loading the dishwasher (math skills, practical life skills)

Log these under appropriate homeschool K5 subjects.

Intently focus on reading skills, handwriting skills, and math skills. Use the other subjects to add spice to the school day. Your child won’t realize he or she is really ‘doing school’. You will have peace because you are filling the other 4 hours or so of the day with learning activities.

You can create your own homeschool K5 program using the information here. Use this article to evaluate homeschool curriculum resources.

Today’s free download is a resource list of K5 homeschool curriculums and resources.

Top K-5 Resources

Have a question about homeschooling? Contact me. I’ll answer your question personally within 48 business hours. I may use it as inspiration for an upcoming post.



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